American City Real Estate
is a full service brokerage committed to your financial success. Our real estate firm builds long term relationships with people who buy, sell or exchange income and investment property.  

Our clients sell and buy apartments, rental homes and condos throughout central Denver, Colorado. We focus on our relationships, disciplined investment process and real estate expertise to provide the highest level of personalized service and responsiveness to our Denver clients.



Investing allows every individual the opportunity to create wealth and obtain financial security, today, in the future, and for generations to come. There are many investment choices available to help meet the expectations of your business and family.

Direct ownership of rental real estate is a business that requires a broad grasp of law, finance, construction, maintenance, operations, bookkeeping, accounting, architecture, interior design, marketing and the marketplace. You need to know how to create curb appeal, how to attract and keep good tenants, and what the most cost effective improvements are to maximize your return on investment.

If you're buying, we help you every step of the way to make the most informed choice. We can assist you in selecting attorneys, mortgage providers, contractors, inspectors, property managers and other experts to help you succeed, and provide you with seasoned guidance throughout the ownership period.


If you own income property, chances are you've worked long and hard to develop and operate a profitable business. You need to consider which exit strategy is the most efficient to maximize, preserve and distribute the value and wealth you've created.

We can provide you with a custom analysis to ensure that you have a clear direction going forward, one that is well suited to your vision and objectives.

Sellers benefit from our creative and unique marketing approaches for the property, maximum exposure to the market and dedicated support to ensure the property receives the highest attention to detail.